Traveling on a Budget

The how-to’s of traveling on a budget in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Prepare financially in advance (way advance)!

Save your money! You can go back to reference in our money section for tips and also our organization section for budget sheets! Have different “saving accounts” AKA multiple coffee cans for road trip necessities; road trip food money, road trip souvineers, road trip hotel accommodations, etc.

Pack your own snacks!

Buying snacks on the road is always too expensive and often times not very healthy. It’s always a bummer when you finally get to your destination and dont feel well due to junk food! Bananas, mandarin oranges, whole wheat crackers, string cheese, and raisins are all awesome snacks for on-the-go! There’s a link below for some jazzy ideas!

Look for discounts!

Military, Triple A member, student… etc!

Hotel Rewards 

Always sign up for rewards programs! They often times have some great deals to steal. For example, we have gotten one night free for staying three nights at the Red Roof Inn! Holla 👏🏻 will also give you one free room every 10 rooms booked through them. An extra tip for hotel accommodations is making sure breakfast is included! 

Do the free stuff!

Take a walk, climb a mountain, explore the town, go swimming in the ocean. Take advantage of your natural resources and make memories doing so. ❤️

Those are our tips for today! Have a happy Wednesday and stay tuned in for next week, we will be discussing 5 ways to use quinoa! 

Love, Your Everyday House Wife


Packing up Your House on a Budget

Hey Mommas! These days are going by so quickly and our cross country trip is coming up too soon! Of course we’ve been scrambling around like little chickens trying to get everything done. This will be my fourth time but my first time with a toddler so say a prayer for us! I thought I would share today a few things we have done to save a penny in this crazy process.

1. Find free boxes! Also, make sure to save and reuse boxes from previous moves. There is a link below on where to find free boxes. We have always had luck on resale pages!


2. Pack up your clothes into trash bags! This will eliminate the need to take your clothes off the hanger and hang them up again. It will also save you a box (or four😉).


3. Dont pay loads of money on wrapping paper! Instead, wrap your fragile items in sheets and/or towels. Paper plates are also good padding to put in between your dinner plates. Balled up socks are good fillers for any empty holes in your boxes as well!


4. Save a pretty penny without the movers and do it yourself! Get a workout in the process 💪🏼

5. Pack heavy items into a rolling suitcase. Eliminate the need for a dolly and save an extra box!


6. This is why saran wrap will be your best friend!



Those are our moving tips for today! Stay tuned in for next week, we will be discussing traveling on a budget! Happy Wednesday!

Love, Your Everyday House Wife