Verse of the Week 07•05•15

Isiah 14:27

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. 

A powerful statement in such a short sentence! Happy Sunday! ❌⭕️❌⭕️


Cutting Your Grocery Bill

Grocery bills are more often than not the highest expense in a household. I’m going to share a few tips today that have helped substantially in cutting our grocery bill from about $400 a month down to $200 a month. 

Eat Leftovers – Eat your leftovers for the lunch the next day. Also, cooking large pots of chili/soup for dinner will easily make it into the next nights dinner (freeze for a quick dinner for another night).

Plan Meals Ahead – Have a dinner menu and make sure you have enough bulk meals to last for two weeks. That way you will only go grocery shopping twice a month when payday comes around. 

Lists – Make a list and stick to it. 

More Leftovers – Have a couple nights where you search your kitchen and whip up something solely on what’s left. 

Cheap Meals – Meat bought from the store is almost too expensive anymore so try to cut down and eat veggie dinners. EX: Beans and cornbread, baked potatoes and cheesy steamed broccoli. 

Buy in Bulk – When it makes sense! Meats in bulk are excellent! Freeze in 1lb baggies and have a quick, easy, & cheap dinner.

Thanks for reading today! I hope everyone’s having an awesome week! I’m sorry for the late VOTW, I just realized that it didn’t upload on Sunday! Forgive me! 🙏🏼 Stay tuned in for next week, I will be sharing some secret family recipes! Happy Wednesday!

Love, Your Everyday House Wife